Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crafting is in her blood

How can Lydia help but be a crafter? She's surrounded by all things made especially for her. I just have to brag about my creative and thoughtful family by sharing a sample of special handmade gifts given to her by her grandma and aunts. It's a bit lengthy with all the photos, but I wanted to show EVERYTHING.

This is her everyday quilt, made by Grandma Chappell, my mom, that she lays on in the bouncy seat. I love the colors and cute triangles. Most of you know she is only content when she's carried around, but I snapped this quick photo of her sleeping. The trick? The vacuum is on right by her head...worked like a charm.

Here is her special we-don't-use-it-as-a-quilt-but-just-admire-it-from-afar quilt. My mom embroidered each panel, and I just love the little old fashioned pictures. AND she held a quilting bee at her house so the the whole thing is HAND quilted. Here's the overall quilt...

...and here are close-ups of each block:

Aunt Terilyn (my sis) came all the way from Atlanta to visit, and I was so happy she made one of her flannel blankets for Lydia. You can only see a little bit of the edge at the bottom, but she crocheted the edges, and I love that the size is perfect for swaddling, as modeled by our cute little burrito herself.

And this cute little blanket "pouch" is a gift from her other talented Aunt Gerilyn (my other sis). I've not seen anything like it, and I love the colors and soft fabrics.

She is a loved little girl to have such wonderfully creative and generous women in her life!


The Gee Family said...

You are all a bunch of creative gals! I wish I was a bit more than I am. Maybe when I have more time when the kids are older I can focus on my talents a little more. I don't know good excuse right? Sounded good to me anyway! Love you all!

Jessica said...

See this is why I NEED a daughter. So I can, along with the ladies in the family, spoil her with all out love!