Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The next Iron Chef...

Seth and I made cookies together today, something we haven't done since before Lydia was born, and I have truly missed our special times together, just the two of us. He was so excited to "scoop and dump!" and to spend time with Mommy. I painted this apron for him a few months ago so we initiated it today with the usual chocolate chip recipe.

My mom gave me this apron years ago, something she got way back when she used to do projects using Artex paints. Anyone else's mom into that (probably the craft trend just after the resin grapes that everyone made and put on their coffee tables and just before the cross stitch boom)? Mom had the full set of paint tubes neatly organized by color in a can the size of a deep popcorn tin. The pattern was stamped on the apron and all that was left to do was to paint it, which I did with fabric paint.

Really, I do want to teach my children the joy of cooking and I hope they will grow to enjoy it as I have. The other day (don't ask me why I was thinking of Christmas...random is my middle name these days) I was remembering how much fun it was to take a whole Saturday and crack open the Cooky Book (yes that's how it's spelled on the book) and make Christmas goodies with Mom. I also recall when we were stranded at home on a snow day making bread. I don't remember everything that we made, but I remember the time spent together. Thanks for the memories, Mom.

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Heather Hammond said...

How funny that I grew up with the same cooky book! The cover on it has since worn off, but my mom found reprints for my sisters and me so the tradition lives on. Love it! (Except that so many recipes call for shortening and lots of spices that aren't up my alley.) "Mary's Sugar Cookies" are the Hammond family fave.
I love that Seth is your little cooking buddy. You are such an awesome mom, creating such great memories for your kids!