Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty in Polka Dots

Lydia is 2 whole months old!
Weight: 9 lbs. 14.5 oz. (25%)
Length: 22" (45%)
Head circumference: 14.5" (5%)
Smiles all around!

Can you see an opera singer in the making??

And this one's just sweet:


Silly Little White Girls said...

What a cutie! I love little baby smiles!

iamwoman said...

That opera picture is a riot! What a cutie she is!

The Gee Family said...

She is so cute! She is getting so big so fast. I'm sure by the time we see her in person she will be moving all over the place. Thanks for sharing these cute pics!! Love ya!

Kristie and Ryan said...

Jen! She is beautiful! I can't believe I haven't been on your blog since she was born! Congratulations. I love all the sweet blankets your family made, what a lucky girl to have such a loving family. So happy for you guys.

Kight Family said...

Oh how precious!!!!! Little girls are so darling especially when she is family.

Just to answer your question about our garden. The land is owned by a gentleman in our ward and he has tons of acres so he sets aside some land for us poor apartment folk that don't have our own land. He is so helpful too. When we aren't sure about when to plant he is there and he watches over our gardens like a mother hen. We do all the work but he is there just pushing us along. We are so blessed to have this chance to produce for ourselves.