Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

Tonight's the night I'm finally catching up and putting a few photos of a fun, relaxing Christmas. We drove over to my sister's house in Cheney (near Spokane), and Mom and Dad drove up from Utah. It's fun to get away and just play games, watch movies, eat the best food, and all that good stuff!

My niece Amanda spent all day making not one, but two, buche de Noel cakes complete with little woodland mushroom meringues in honor of Matt's and my nephew's birthdays, both on Christmas Eve:

Early Christmas morning before the mayhem:

Cute little Lydia taking a milk break:

Isn't that the sweetest flower headband? Matt says it looks like a satellite dish on her head. He's kind of right, but it just adds to her cuteness.

Seth was happily satisfied with a remote control dump truck from Santa, as evidenced by his unnaturally cheesey poser smile:

All this Christmas stuff is hard work:

My nephew Brigham is the jungle gym cousin:

The kids L-O-V-E ganging up on him and piling on!

The day we left the snow came down big time:

That stuff was awesome! So different than the snow we had here at home a month earlier. Ever try to make a snowman out of powdered sugar? That's what it was like, so we were excited to make a decent snowman and get in some good runs down the hill. Happy White Christmas (4 days late)!

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