Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program, and Santa Story Continued

After the Santa fiasco and with bellies full of Wendy's goodness, we attended Seth's preschool Christmas program. I didn't get many photos because I was video taping a bunch of it, but here he is sitting by his friend Sophie before the program.

They all sang so enthusiastically, and their performance was rewarded with cookies and punch afterward.

So, the dramatic conclusion to our Santa Story 2010:

Lydia: That was great, but somehow this cookie looks and tastes like a bribe.

Seth: I'll be signing autographs outside.


Lydia: OK, the cookie was a bribe. Seriously? Mom, were you there at the last visit with Santa?

Seth: I'm getting a pep talk from my teacher, Mrs. Richards.


Lydia: Sure you're a nice lady, but not even you can get me to do it.

Seth: Deep breath, deep breath. I'm next.


Lydia: OK not so bad now. I'm back with Mom, and they gave me a candy cane. I'm over it.

Seth: I'm not sitting on his lap, but Mrs. Richards talked me into telling Santa I want a remote control rocketship for Christmas (Good luck with that one, Santa.). He's not so bad.


Lydia and Seth: Yay we did it! Well, sort of. Merry Christmas!


The End

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cardonfam7 said...

Maybe they were afraid because the Santas smelled like "beef and cheese" like on Elf.... The second one looked a little nicer and not so fake. :) Funny how you and Matt laugh at their terror.