Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Santa Story

In keeping with last year's Santa post, another narration for you to enjoy:

Lydia: I'm feeling a little suspicious about this. I recognize the house behind us...and not in a good way.
Seth: Yay! We're here to see Santa! I've been waiting for this all day!

Lydia: Aha! I was right! I've been here before, and I still don't like it!
Seth: I got to the door and refused to go in. Santa's looking at me in a weird way.

Lydia: No no! I mean it this time!
Seth: Dad, do you feel my death grip around your neck? That should tell you something.

Lydia: Ack! He's touching me! Mom, is this funny to you? Is it?
Seth: OK, Dad, I think I'll try it.

Lydia: I'm outta here.
Seth: No no wait, I changed my mind! AAAaaahhh!!!

Lydia: I'm traumatized and now for sure you can't get me to smile after that.
Seth: I'm smiling a little bit less than the first picture, but I'm still happy because I know we're going to Wendy's for chicken nuggets right now.
To be continued...

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