Friday, February 8, 2013

A Merry Christmas

Christmas 2012 was the first one in our new home and the first one in Washington since we've been married.  We missed seeing our families, but it was kind of nice to not deal with holiday travel.  Can someone invent teleportation please?  Just think about being somewhere and BAM! you're there.  We had a nice little Christmas as a family of five.

Santa ate almost all of his treats and left a nice letter for the kids.

Bleary-eyed but excited early in the morning.

I just love this little cutie.  Seth gave her that hat for Christmas, and she's in her new Christmas kitty jammies and playing with her princess sticker book.

 The annual Christmas stool photos.  The kids are holding one of their favorite gifts, and my how they're growing!  I hope the stool holds up for future Christmases.
Super heroes dry erase activity book.

Cute doll made by Grandma.

Not a new rattle, but he sure loves to grab on and shake that thing.  Hooray for Peter's first Christmas!  He slept through all the gift-opening hooplah and didn't wake up until 8:30.  Somehow I don't think he cared that we didn't wait for him.

Cutie Christmas Kids!

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Angie said...

So adorable! I love Lydia's hair.