Saturday, November 12, 2011

First day of school

OK, so school has been in session for, oh, 2 months, but since I'm such an awesome mom who's always on top of it, I waited until now to post photos. I just like to keep my readers in suspense. :-)

Seth is in Pre-K at the same school he went last year. He loves Pied Piper and his teachers Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Stephens, and he's happy to have another fun year with them.

Wouldn't want Lydia to feel left out!

Love those big blue eyes.

Little kid bum in new jeans. :-)

If/when he does get into trouble at school, I have a feeling he'll be able to charm his way into a lesser punishment.

Found my apple on the classroom door!

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Kelsie said...

Cute--I'm impressed that he can wink! My girls try all the time and sometimes think they're doing it ... but they haven't yet found real success.

Can you believe these kids are five already?! Crazy.