Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. Big 5-Year-Old

September 26th marked Seth's FIFTH birthday. And what a birthday it was, as in 3 parties stretched over 5 days. While we were at quilt retreat, Terilyn made a giant chocolate chip cookie for his cake. After a nice evening stroll, we had cookie and ice cream and presents from Grandma and Grandpa and awesome aunts.

Yes there's something on his nose. It's a little scratch from when he fell out of bed at Grandma's and landed on his face. He's over it. :-)

Grandpa and Seth are best buddies!

The very next day after we got home from Utah, Seth's class celebrated all the September birthdays with a little party. Turns out he's the ONLY one in the class with a birthday that month. I brought in fish crackers and homemade oreos with blue frosting, which are more like mini whoopie pies. They have the cutest little cupcake with a battery-operated candle that actually goes out when you "blow it out!"

Seth got to be Mrs. Richards' helper for The Birthday Cake book.

Then, on his ACTUAL birthday, we had lunch together with Dad at Wendy's, Seth went to school, and after dinner a few friends came over for cake and ice cream.

He said he wanted a Spiderman cake, so in my cake decorating ameteur-ness, the first thing I think is NOT, "Oh, I'll make an awesome cake shaped like Spiderman leaping between two tall buildings." No, it's more like, "I need to find a Spiderman toy to stick on top of a cake." So I'm pretty proud that I made a layer cake, used every drop of red food coloring in the house (a pink cake wouldn't be good), and piped dots and a spider web.

Note to self: Even though there's some leftover sweetened condensed milk in the fridge, use regular milk when making frosting so your guests won't get an immediate sugar headache when they eat it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE SETH! And thanks to everyone who helped make his special day so terrific!

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