Monday, November 7, 2011

Mountain Valley Quilt Retreat 2011

OK, way back in September, the kids and I went on our annual trip to Loa, Utah for Mom's quilt retreat. I'm always impressed at how she pulls everything together and makes it such a wonderful time for everyone. All us girls have to do is show up and cook! And this year, big brother Darrell was initiated into the Retreat Laborer Hall of Fame. :-) It's always fun to see all the quilting ladies, and they seem to enjoy, or at least tolerate, the silliness that ensues when we kids get together. They've become good friends over the years. Can you believe this is the 8th year??

Mom made these cute aprons for all of us girls, and each had a cute flower clip too. Lydia needed to try them all the same time.

Um, yes, that's Lydia on the roof. And yes, she got up there by herself. It covers the outside basement stairs, so it goes all the way to the ground, in case you thought we leave ladders hanging around inviting toddlers to climb on top of the house. Still, this little stinker scares me!

Ack! Too much quilting and girlie stuff! C'mon, Uncle Darrell, let's stage an impromptu sword fight!

The hostess and host...aww such a cute couple.

What kid can resist playing in the water, especially when it's this cool fountain in Grandma and Grandpa's yard?

All four of us together. Do we look alike? Is it the super squinty eyes (not you, Darrell, you have normal non-squinty ones)?

This is all too much! Can't even stay awake through dinner!

Check out these cute sisters of mine!

Bedtime stories...just sit down with the kids and a book, and they'll be your new best friend.

I'll finish with a snapshot of the splendor that is this quiet little valley. We went for a sunset walk one night...definitely a highlight of the whole trip.


Lori said...

Good post! It's fun to see you all together and there are some fun shots of your kids in there :)

Terilyn said...

Awesome pictures and journaling, Jen! I always love seeing what you've been up to. Great spider man cake, too! I am so excited to see you guys at Christmas...yay!