Sunday, November 13, 2011

12 of 12 - November

1 - I got another 5-pound award at Weight Watchers, a total of 16.6 altogether. Who doesn't want to start off their Saturday morning at 7 am with applause and praise?? I was so excited that I allowed my photo to be taken post-workout/pre-shower.

2 - Cozy Saturday morning cartoons!

3 - Lydia trying out her cupcake panties. We've all been relying too much on the pull-ups, so we're being more vigilant and prepared to do a little more laundry. She's doing great!

4 - A rare lunch together as a family. And an added treat was hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day!

5 - The kids and I made this tree a couple of weeks ago for the front window. They painted with watercolor paints on coffee filters. After they were dry, we cut them into leaves, and I cut out the tree. It's nice to look at especially now that most of the leaves on the actual trees outside have fallen.

6 - Seth is really loving to draw, and his pictures are getting more detailed. This is a drawing of Martin and Chris from Wild Kratts flying through the air to save Arthur.

7 - My sewing machine deserves a rest after this past week, so it's covered up and taking a well-deserved day off.

8 - A quiet afternoon with some hot cider and the latest Glee episode online.

9 - Mexican 7-layer dip isn't just for parties! I've been wanting this for a while, and I try to make Saturday dinners easy on myself. So we had chips and dip and the season's first satsuma mandarin oranges. They're like candy - yum!

10 - Getting ready to give Seth a haircut so he looks sharp for the Primary Program in the morning. He thought he'd try it himself, but we both decided it might be better for me to do it.

11 - It's like Christmas morning in the mail! I was dreading going out in the rain to get the mail, but both my BHG and Martha Stewart December issues came today.

12 - Sorting through the stuff Mom and I put up for sale at the Holiday Trunk Show on Friday. If you weren't able to come and you want some great holiday decor or handmade gifts, let me know! We're having fun with our budding business, Lemondrop!

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Jas and Kim said...

I'm proud of you for all your accomplishments! Wahoo! Especially for keeping up your blog, I on the other hand suck at it! Love a!