Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween stuff

Among the myriad of Halloween parties and fun things to do, our little goblins had fun just wearing their costumes around the house more than anything. Oh, and getting candy too, of course.

Seth's on a Spiderman kick, if you couldn't tell from his birthday. So, I put the word out, and Gerilyn came through with a costume that's too little for her kids but just right for Seth. He didn't wear the mask much, because despite the nostril holes in it, he said it was a little hard to breathe. ;-) He loved it, though, and still wears it around.
I was going to make Lydia a fairy since she already has a pair of wings, but I saw the pattern for a little girl wizard at Joann's, and the fairy idea went out the window. I'll keep that on the back burner for another year. I'm pretty sure she's the cutest little wizardess EVER, even cuter when people asked what she was and she'd shout "wizzer!"
There was a trunk-or-treat at the church, a party at preschool (where they got their faces painted), and extra pop-in visits to family and friends. We invited our friends Ben and Megan over for dinner, and so they could take their cute little monkey boy Noah trick-or-treating with us. We always take a tally of how many spooks come to our door, and this year was a record-breaking 146. Miraculously, we had enough candy, after rifling through the kids' bags when they got home.

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